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  • We’re the oldest union representing masonry craftworkers in Canada.

  • We are the only INDEPENDENT masonry craft union in Canada – IUBAC is NOT affiliated with the Labourers/LIUNA in any way.

  • IUBAC is the real deal – we’re the ONLY masonry craft union with a network of affiliated Locals that link you to work opportunities in EVERY Province and the United States.

  • We have pride – we’re committed to preserving our trades, skills, and craftsmanship. We’re not willing to trade a trowel for a broom.

  • You don’t lose benefits when you travel for work. Pension and other benefit contributions earned while you’re on the road are credited back to your home IUBAC Local.

Photo courtesy of Joel Rempel for Joel Ross Photography

Members of Local 1 Manitoba are proud of their restoration work on the Manitoba Legislative Building located in Winnipeg.

W.K. Taylor, SaskFerco Products, Inc.

IUBAC members of Local 1 Saskatchewan replaced the catalyst support dome for the secondary reformer reactor in the SaskFerco ammonia plant.

Local 1 Saskatchewan members also built the main campus of First Nations University of Canada, formerly known as Saskatchewan Indian Federated College.



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